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Patricia Ann Gamet was born and raised in a large city on a beautiful lake. She developed the cultured taste that many city-dwellers had. Yet, she also loved the small town where she spent so much time at her grandparent’s home. She excelled in sports such as ice skating, ballet, water and snow skiing, horseback riding, swimming, diving, and running. From the beginning of her life, Patty had always been a dreamer. Her mother actually encouraged her daughter’s beautiful fantasies. That was because both of their lives were far from perfect. So it was a pleasant escape from their painful realities. Sometimes the darkness of life can become the greatest source of light…

In a very supernatural way, God informed her that she was going to write…best-selling books! In fact, there’s much more about it in her book, “The Sound of Crystal.” It explains just how she received the information that she’s written. For years God poured out His Messages to her! It seemed that whenever she was tired or alone, that’s when God would impress her to write.  For the most part, the writing came quickly and easily. However, completing all the aspects of the publishing was anything but easy! As a result of the effort, when other interested people heard or read just a few pages of the spiritual books, they’d turn to God!

Patricia is at the end of writing the six-part, spiritual series beginning with the title, “Crystal Beyond the Curtain.” She’s written a total of eighteen books. They include a series of four, exciting thrillers filled with mystery, intrigue, and romance. There’s also a series of five, children’s books that the whole family will enjoy.

 God’s shown her that her Coming-Out Party is very shortly going to be thrown! Then, all the ashes of her life and even other people’s are going to be turned into Pure Gold!

Patricia has attended numerous colleges. She was the head of the journalism club in high school, and she was also enrolled in advanced, College English. After achieving high grades on her essays, her English teacher declared that someday she’d be a famous author! Interestingly, Patricia also won a prize in a major store’s contest writing a slogan that was used nationally.   

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